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THE QUARK MODEL logo 2017.jpg

Combining Audiovisual Elements To Create A Multisensory Journey Into The Depths Of Truth And Emotion


The Quark Model stands as a far-reaching effort in the realm of electronic music, fusing computational sound, various synthesis techniques, and quantum physics analogies to craft a sonic tapestry that defies conventional boundaries. With a pioneering spirit and unyielding curiosity, The Quark Model invites you to an extraordinary sonic expedition that transcends the realms of both music and science.


The Quark Model breaks away from conventional music-making approaches and explores a unique musical language that reflects the intricacies and qualities of particle physics. Their compositions embrace a sense of experimentation, combining these elements in novel ways to create a distinctive sonic signature that sets them apart in the electronic music landscape.

Brace yourself for a mind-bending encounter with The Quark Model – a project poised to reshape the landscape of electronic music as we know it.

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