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A Cybernetic Ensemble That Performs With Programming Languages, and Digital Gadgets


Cy-Ens is our computer music project with the ambition of expanding the potentials of understanding the Aesthetics of computational sound and appreciation of logic, math and art.
With continous works like "Aryabhatia : Trigonometric Meditations", "Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi" and "The Tower of Hanoi", we as Cy-Ens, explore logical art, to inspire learning and personal development, and to create art.
As Cy-Ens, we use free and open-source audio programming languages. Regarding the musical direction, Cy-Ens usually performs works based on an analogy. Music is viewed as a conceptual metaphor with various mathematical material as source domain and systematic sonic structure composition as the target domain. This is the process of generating or composing abstract, conceptual, mathematical and musical models of sound based on numbers and patterns of other conceptual domain. Patterns of musical form, musical structure and design arise from the logical relation of the target domain's components and their interdependence. 

Sometimes beside the audio programming languages, digital gadgets such as Nintendo DS, iPad, etc., various types of MIDI controller such as sliders, knobs, percussion pads, and various software synthesizers, samplers and digital audio workstations may appear in our Cy-Ens works.

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